• Things Your Online Presence and Outdoor Signs Have in Common
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    Posted on: April 17, 2018
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    Online marketing is the application of methodologies and tools through the internet to promote businesses, services and products. When compared to offline marketing, it involves the application of a wider range of techniques because the internet offers extra mechanisms and channels. The benefits of online marketing include:

    • growth in potential
    • competitive advantage
    • reduced expenses
    • enhanced customer service
    • great communication
    • better control.

    On the other hand, outdoor signs involve the use of special symbols and signs to pass messages to specific groups for purposes of advocacy and/or marketing. They are any type of visual graphics that are created to display information about businesses to a specific audience.

    There are a lot of similarities between online marketing and outdoor signs. Let’s look at some of them.

    1. Variety of Techniques

    There are a wide range of strategies that you can employ to market your business on the internet. They include:

    • the use of a good web design
    • blogs
    • search engine marketing
    • search engine optimization
    • giveaways
    • contests
    • associate & affiliate programs
    • online press releases
    • email marketing and articles

    Similarly, outdoor signs can involve:

    • the use of A-frame signs
    • window graphics & lettering
    • back-lit signs
    • reader boards
    • banners
    • pylon signs
    • channel letters
    • lawn signs
    • electronic signs
    • individual cut letters
    • illuminated signs, among others.
    1. Cost

    Advertising your business through the internet or with the use of outdoor signage is affordable. As a matter of fact, nearly all businesses can afford to reach out to potential customers through the two platforms, including small businesses with limited budgets.

    1. Continuous Improvement

    With regard to the two forms of marketing, there is always plenty of room for continuous improvement. If your competitors are doing better than you are, you can easily find out what they are doing differently, and use the knowledge to improve on what you have been doing. Additionally, if the customers’ response is far from what you expected, you can simply make improvements.

    1. Measurement of Results

    Online marketing and outdoor signs allow you to measure results. You can gauge the impact of the two strategies by determining if there is an increase in the number of customers that visit your brick and mortar or online shop, or if there is an increase in the volume of sales.

    1. Passive Marketing

    Once you fix channel letters, illuminated signs or other types of outdoor signage, information about your business will be out there for twenty four hours every day, including holidays. It is the same case with internet marketing. Once you employ good SEO strategies or other online marketing techniques, you’ll be at liberty to focus on other aspects of your business since the marketing function will already be well taken care of.

    1. Tried and Tested Methods

    Outdoor signs have been in use for many years, and their effectiveness is already well-known. Similarly, internet marketing is being used by millions of businesses around the world, and everyone knows how efficient and effective it is. If you make use of any of the strategies (or both of them), you’ll be following a path that has already been trodden by many.


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