• Signs that Work Best for Your Restaurant
    Posted on: August 09, 2017
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    The restaurant business is a rough one, especially for new owners. As you build your restaurant, you have to start from the ground up. That means finding the right team, refining your menu, getting your décor right and advertising your restaurant. This can be an almost impossible task, but lucky for you, Signs by Design can help. With the right signage, you can make your restaurant a success. Even if you’ve been in the business for years, you may benefit from new signage. Either way, these are a few types of signage that can help your restaurant succeed:

    POP Displays

    One of the most important display types for a restaurant are point of purchase or POP displays. POP displays are used to advertise your products in your store. They can be exceptionally effective in upselling or pushing certain menu items. A great type of POP display for a restaurant is a printed graphic of a popular menu item. This image should make mouths water and entice hungry diners to try this item. You can also use them to advertise specials or upcoming holidays. For example, Mother’s Day is a big day for most restaurants. You can use POP displays at your tables or at the front of your store throughout the entire month of April to let people know if you have a special menu or are altering your normal store hours.

    Exterior Signage

    Restaurant Signs in Portland | Beaverton OR

    Exterior signs need to grab attention and get your name out to the public. Once you’ve chose your location you need to make sure that people can find it. The right exterior signs can serve as both advertisements for your restaurant and a guide for potential diners. Some of the most popular options are channel letter signs, cabinet signs and monument signs. All of these signs have a big impact and can even be lit up for maximum visibility. These signs can help ensure that your restaurant doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Interior Décor

    Restaurant Signs in Portland | Beaverton OR

    Your branding is incredibly important. You want to make sure that your restaurant is memorable to diners. One of the best ways to make sure that people remember their experience at your establishment is by creating and maintaining a brand that will help you stand out. One of the best ways to create this brand is with your interior décor. We can provide mounted prints, wall graphics and window graphics that will add to your décor. You can use these graphics to show off menu items, build a theme or show pictures of interesting diners.

    If you’re interested in signs for your restaurant, contact our team today to discuss what might work best for you!

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