Interior Signs

Everybody knows that first impressions are the most important, and signs are no exception to this rule. Having an eye-catching and appealing interior sign for your business or organization is key to attracting new business and retaining valued and loyal customers. From metal to wood to everything in between, let Signs by Design be your go-to for all your custom interior sign needs. We do it all, from ADA compliant signage to branding. Call for a free quote!

Temporary Textiles

These printed fabrics that, whilst not washable, are ideal for soft signage for retail points of sale and trade show events. They include hanging signs, banners, flags, backdrops, pop up displays and roll-up or backlit signs. The lightweight, crease resistant nature of the fabrics combined with the flexible nature of latex inks makes them easy to stow and transport to wherever they need to get to. Modular frames with velcro fastenings make re-assembly and set up a breeze.

Using latex inks enables the direct printing of digital graphics on uncoated fabrics as well as coated ones. Uncoated media have a luxurious natural look and feel that coated fabrics cannot imitate. Being water based, latex inks are also environmentally friendly and have no odor. These aspects make them great for fabric prints in lobbies, waiting and conference rooms. (They even look good on the walls at home!) Given ideal conditions, these prints will not fade for a decade or more, even in direct sunlight the images or graphics will stay vibrant for a year or two.

Our ability to print on both sides of the fabric offers further options such as double side viewing (without the back side in reverse), completely different images front and back on a single canvas or truly vivid backlit graphics by deliberately printing the back side in reverse to reinforce the front side colors.

Simple Textile Ideas

  • Flags or tear drop banners that can be installed inside or outdoors to attract and greet patrons. Not only will a flag attractively flutter when the wind blows, it is a great branding opportunity to present the company logo, name or tag line in a way that sticks in the patrons’ mind.
  • Rollup, popup or X-banners that can be simply assembled and positioned for maximum impact or as screens to alter the layout and shape of the room or space they reside in.
  • Framed, unframed and stretched displays of images, patterns, and designs that can be mounted as a picture on any wall to break up and provide color to otherwise monotone areas.
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