Interior Signs

Everybody knows that first impressions are the most important, and signs are no exception to this rule. Having an eye-catching and appealing interior sign for your business or organization is key to attracting new business and retaining valued and loyal customers. From metal to wood to everything in between, let Signs by Design be your go-to for all your custom interior sign needs. We do it all, from ADA compliant signage to branding. Call for a free quote!

ADA Compliant Signs

If you have more than 15 employees or are designated as a place of public accommodation then you undoubtedly have a greater understanding of the legal ramifications of not being ADA Compliant than we do. However, as a local sign shop we have made it our business to be the experts at the production and installation of signs that do comply to the letter of the law and do so with style.

Quick Overview of ADA Guidelines

  • The pictogram field, the finish and contrast, and the text descriptors must be ADA compliant on a business sign.
  • Raised characters. This includes the depth, character height, stroke thickness, line spacing, character proportions, style, and case as explained under the act.
  • Visual characters. Some considerations include the style, contrast, finish, character height, height from the floor, stroke thickness, line spacing, character spacing, and case of visual characters used in signage.
  • ADA regulations cover the dimensions, capitalization, and position braille must be in order to be compliant.
  • Installation height and location. Signs must be the appropriate height from the ground. Additionally, single doors, double doors, and doors with no wall space have specifications to be met.
  • Symbols of accessibility. Having the correct finish, contrast, International Symbols of Accessibility, Text Telephone (TTY), Assistive Listening Systems, and Volume Control Telephones help business stay compliant under the ADA.

Need Help?

We understand how to make a well-crafted ADA compliant sign. Contact us today or give us a call to find out what you need to keep to the letter of the law.

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