Interior Signs

Everybody knows that first impressions are the most important, and signs are no exception to this rule. Having an eye-catching and appealing interior sign for your business or organization is key to attracting new business and retaining valued and loyal customers. From metal to wood to everything in between, let Signs by Design be your go-to for all your custom interior sign needs. We do it all, from ADA compliant signage to branding. Call for a free quote!

Lobby and Logo

Lobby and logo signs are an important and crucial part of your companies brand. They will impress new customers and continue to influence loyal valued clients whenever they visit. Most importantly tell every visitor exactly what your company is about. Whether you are ready to just specify your requirements or you need of a little help to choose from the myriad of options available, we will be your trusted partner throughout the process. We can help you decide on the material, look and size of your lobby and logo sign, and offer enhancements like unique displays to add excitement and interest to your brand.

There’s lots to choose from, from classic wood initial signage to a more modern metal geometric style, and we’ll gladly help you choose what’s best for your company. Creativity and innovation are core values at Signs by Design
and we get a kick out of developing elegant sign solutions from the visions and notions of our customers.


Lobby and logo signs can come in a wide variety of materials. Some are classic, like wood or stone, while others can be modern, like metal or even whimsical, like foam or painted material. If you’d like a more polished look, perhaps for a law practice or doctor’s office, the classic finished wood option could be the way to go. If you’re running a child care center, perhaps foam or brightly painted wood (think building blocks!) could be the answer. Architecture firms may want a cool, hip look. A shiny metal sign or even a glass sign could make your firm look different from all the rest.

Whatever material you want your sign to be made from, we will gladly guide you toward the sign of your dreams. We offer a wide variety of signage material options, so you can find your perfect sign. Signs by Design is your signage source.


Everyone seems to think bigger is better, right? Well, there are exceptions to that rule. Maybe you’re a law firm that wants to make a professional and reserved statement. In that case, you may want a smaller sign with bold lines and a strong form to it. On the other hand, if you’re a classic American diner, you might just want to go for that big and bold sign. After all, you’ll want a fun and exciting-looking sign for your customers to remember you by.

It doesn’t matter what size sign you need—Signs by Design does it all. We can do small, intricate logo signs that make a quiet yet powerful impact, or the big, flashy lobby signs that point visitors just where they need to go. And sometimes, you may want both, for maximum effect. We’ll work with you to help you determine what the best size signage is for your business.

Unique Displays

There are times you need to leave a lasting impression. In these instances, unusual or unique lobby and logo displays will create excitement and interest. Lighted signage, artistic displays such as murals or abstract designs, and wall lettering are just a few examples of unique lobby and logo displays.

Lighted signage is a fun and exciting way to encourage customers to come check out your company. We do both LED and neon signs. Murals show that you’ve got a quirky and artistic side. Signs by Design will help install the mural of your dreams. Wall lettering with the vast array of available fonts is a classic and simple idea that makes an impact. We’ll take care of that, too. Our company can do all three of these options, and will create the perfect unique lobby or logo display for you. Let us be your guide, and add a “wow” factor to your lobby today.

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