• Decorate Your Office with These 5 Must-Have Signs
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    Posted on: May 18, 2018
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    Your office needs quality signs that will add character to the walls, floors, and even the ceiling. You can apply signs for many uses: to label doors, present your company’s history, and display important information. It will all serve to make your office a pleasant working environment.

    There are 5 must-have signs for this particular purpose:

    Acrylic signs

    Acrylic signs are affordable and effective for displaying crucial information. If you have brand images, slogans, and logos, you can use acrylic signs to display them. Most acrylic signs come with a sleek and smooth structure and have different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also light and come in different thicknesses.

    ADA signs

    In modern buildings, you will need to cater for disabled people. They have their restrooms, parking, exit doors, and elevators. Americans with Disabilities Act states that all buildings should be accessible to disabled people. Mounting ADA signs with special features and information helps in showing the direction to all people.

    Dimensional letter signs

    Although they are non-illuminated, dimensional letter signs are good for simple but important displays, like office numbers, brand names, and labels. They are good for plain surfaces that don’t require much decoration.

    Directory signs

    Directory signs help to navigate and move in big, tall buildings. They are easily customized with colors that match your brand. Navigating in big buildings needs to be stress-free, and that is done using directory signs.

    Metal plaques

    These are durable signs that you can use with the different application. Depending on your budget, you can use brass, steel, aluminum, and bronze. The main applications of these signs include making high-quality signs for honoring people and showing the achievement of your company.

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