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  • Posted on: November 10, 2017
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    It is the classic egg and chicken problem again. High marketing costs usually lead to high sales. However, if a business doesn’t have high sales, how will it afford high marketing costs? Answer: There is a way to get high sales with low costs. It is a not-so-popular advertising medium,…

  • Posted on: November 03, 2017
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    One thing is common among most marketing strategies – expensiveness. These strategies are effective, no doubt. But what about small and medium sized businesses? Will they always be able to afford something this expensive? Is there a better way? Turns out, there is. The trick is in using mobile advertising….

  • Posted on: September 06, 2017
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    When it comes to vehicle advertising, it’s important to make sure that people are not struggling to read and understand the important messages on your vehicle. You need to make sure that your vehicle advertising is tailored to your business and your needs and also that it’s doing an effective…

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