• 2 Reasons Why Your Building Sign Can Become Your Powerful Advertisement
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    Posted on: April 23, 2018
    Posted by: Signs By Design Staff

    Sign advertisement is so instilled in our collective mind that most of the time we undertake our daily routines without even realizing they are there. They remind us, direct us and occasionally inspire us to make solid decisions every day. For advanced or small business ventures, they are a priceless way to build an identity and gain new potential customers.

    Studies indicate that signage promotes profits by 16%. It’s an easy and fast way to plump up your bottom line without spending heavily.

    Reasons, why building signs can become your powerful advertisement, are the following:

    Bringing In New Customers

    In most scenarios, the clients are always asked: how did you hear about us? In addition, the response is staggering. Studies indicate that 50% sided with venture signs, 33% was customer’s word of mouth and 9% from other collective sources. Signs attract heavily half percent of new potential customers in new startup businesses. 35% of customers would not know or recognize your business exists, without a clear designed sign indicating your services.

    Boosting Your Bottom Line

    Changing or adding a professional sign increases sales revenue instantly. It has been indicated that promising customers work or live five-mile radius around your business, and 17% of walk-in buyers purchased an order, due to the sign advert. Many small businesses make losses in this field, due to the poor transparency. Signs are flexible and affordable. In return, they will save you many dollars.

    Lastly, one more compelling advantage is the exposure of your products and services. Signs improve your brand recognition.

    For a maximum positive impact, it’s vital to work with an experienced firm. The experts at Signs by Design know that signage is the best promotional tool for your business.

    Contact us and move to the next level.

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